Review of REMEMBERING THE WAR DEAD broadcast on RTE Radio 1

Saturday, 15. November 2008 by admin

8th November 2008:

The RTE Radio 1 programme ‘Off the Shelf’ reviews Remembering the War Dead by Fergus D’Arcy. The panel includes Kevin Myers and Charles Lysaght.

Extract from the RTE website:

From the 1920s the Office of Public Works has been responsible for the graves of those who died in the two World Wars and are buried and commemorated in the Republic of Ireland. On the whole island there are at least 5,700 such war graves, over 3,100 in the Republic and 2,600 in Northern Ireland. The history of those 3,000 plus war dead in the Republic, how they came to be there, and how the Irish Government came to be responsible for them has now been captured by Professor D’Arcy in his book, Remembering the War Dead.

The radio programme can be heard by clicking on the link below (you will need Real Player installed to hear this):


You can find out more information about Remembering the War Dead by Fergus D’Arcy here.

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